Chicago Marathon Training: Week 2 (Explitives) WANT it MORE than you don’t.

The focus of this week (according to my plan) is to develop new habits. Building stamina and proper pacing on workout days.

My last post for Week 1, I had mentioned on my hill repeat day how hard it was to gauge pace going uphill to hit the goal pace for the workout. I had failed, but during the hill workout felt I was on target by glancing at my current pace during the up phase of the hill and SOB my average pace for the uphill was slower. Boo. It’s hard to average a pace and be accurate while doing it when the time running is quite minimal. My long hill, which is long at that pace, was only .16 in length. It is a steep and steady incline.

This weeks workouts will consist of recovery runs of 3-5 miles, 3-7 miles, 2 speed workouts and an endurance run. 2 of the recovery runs can be rest days. I plan on having 2-3 days of strength training, 1 XT session mixed in somewhere, probably on a recovery day in place of a run and my endurance run, which this week is supposed to be 8 miles. Which is not a tough run for me.

I have a couple of challenges this week. It is BBQ season, thanks to warm weather and graduations. I already had a BBQ in Week 1. I need to focus on enjoying food and also keeping within portion sizes and not over-eating just because there’s a shit ton of food spread out for me to devour. Extra pounds are not pleasant to carry on long runs. And there’s ample opportunity to over do it. I have to stick to the one plate rule. Enjoy without over-indulging.

I am incredibly motivated and am enjoying this new mojo I’ve been missing for some time. Part of me feels like a rest day might make me lazy and the other part knows I’ll be restless and ready to go after a day of rest. Rest is important, just like the runs and workouts. Rest is where the magic happens, if done right.

Week 2, Day 1 REST

Gladly, a rest day. My body needs good recovery to put in a strong week of training. It’s also 95* today, and nice to enjoy a walk or putt around after a very active week last week. Hard to believe it was in the 50’s a week or so ago…

Week 2, Day 2 SPEED/TRACK

Up at 4:45AM, at the track for just after 5AM. A few things surprised me today. First, that I was up at 4:45. I like my sleep, so this is pretty impressive. Second that it was actually very light out. I hadn’t really anticipated the sun would already be brightening the day. Like I said, I like my sleep and makes sense I wouldn’t have known this. And that my body actually did it’s job at the track, and then some as the intervals were ahead of pace. Really tried to nail the pace this time but it is impossible using my watch. My recovery intervals were 1-3 minutes. Mostly around 1 minute but my potty break and taking in water (it was already in the 70s at 5AM and humid!) left me with a couple closer to 3.

600m 10K pace (9:00 pace) 8:19 / 8:36

500m 10K pace  8:23 / 8:10

400m 5K pace (8:40 pace) 8:12 / 8:23

300m 5K pace 8:33 / 7:57

200m 5K pace 7:23 / Missed…potty break

100m AFAP (as fast as possible) or as we joked on the track “As fast as fuuucckkk” 7:12 / 7:37 (Would have been speedier, had a mishap, oops)

Repeat in reverse order with 90s rest between all intervals. First pace is my 1st pyramid, 2nd pace is the reverse pyramid pace for the distance.

I’m happy with the workout today. It needs improvement. It was hard/fun. I’m glad it’s done. I find myself building confidence during my intervals. There’s always a point during them where my mind is screaming “STOP!” and I feel my body pull back for a stride or two…until I tell myself to keep going and I push myself ahead again. It’s nice to know I can will myself to keep going when I don’t want to. ^Epiphany: Or maybe I do want to and that’s why I can. I want it more than I don’t.

Another brick in my foundation for success in Chicago.

Week 2, Day 3 RECOVERY 3-5 MILES

Slow easy run. Avg 10:30 pace is ideal.

4.05 miles at a 10:02 pace. Faster than needed. But it felt good. Temps were cooler and meant the run was much easier. 40:40 time.

Walked .82 miles later in the day. I don’t usually count that as exercise though.

Strength trained, Kettlebell AMPD.


1 mile at Tempo pace

2 x 800m 10K pace

800m at 5K pace

2 x 800m at 10K pace

90 second recovery between intervals

Umbrella Art
Umbrella Art

Ran 4.60 miles with D in Concord at 1:30PM. WTF was I thinking???? Apparently I thought I should do a different suck fest workout for having missed my morning track workout. SMH. 1:30 in the afternoon when it’s 80 something degrees, sunny and just plain miserable hot for a run. Plus, new member run in Concord to see the Umbrella art and welcome new group members. 2 miles slow pace or run/walk with others.


Rest, it’s hot and today makes for a good rest day. Hamstrings are feeling tired and tight so I tend to baby them when they start feeling this way (after having  1 1/2 years of running with a bit of pain, I enjoy being pain-free now and staying that way).

Strength trained, Kettlebell AMPD.


Totally talked myself out of running. Honestly, today hit me like bricks. Parts are sore, bloated and achy and I totally milked it.

Week 2, day 7 RECOVERY 3-7 MILES

And still didn’t run. Father’s Day and life got in the way. Plus the heat. Then the T-storms. I’m a slacker.

I am feeling disappointed about how I finished out the week. Seriously. Summer training is awesome and hard at the same time. I’m so used to training through the winter and this humidity sucks ballz. I will get through it. Just gotta hunker down and grit my teeth.


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