My name is Kate, a 30-something Certified Personal Trainer specializing in Fitness Nutrition, who is trying consistently live a healthier lifestyle like a billion others in the world today. Probably for similar reasons too. I created this blog to share some of my experiences as I run my course of life, whether related to my passion for (recreational) running, good eats, training woes, and those moments where everything in life just clicks.

My main passion is running and I do run frequently–I’ll talk about it often. My non-runner friend community inspired by what I do, but do not necessarily want to hear about how I managed a negative split on a particular run and that’s where this blog comes in. Those who want to read, can, and those who do not, can pass.

I’ll likely share a variety of recipes I’ve tried and find myself making over and over. I’m not going to spend an hour arranging the food before I take a picture to share. Sorry, I’ll want to eat it while the eating is good and although I will sometimes provide my own pictures, they’ll be from my iPhone, not a professional. I’m not Martha Stewart and you will be able to tell.

Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy and share in the conversation.





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