Races and Results


March 11: Rock n Roll Marathon Washington DC 5:09:51

May 7: Wallis Sands Half Marathon [Rye, NH] 2:07:58

June 4: Bedford Color Run 5K (Fun run with a friend running her 1st 5K, not officially timed) My watch GPS 49:17 and distance of 3.44 miles. Proud of my friend who did run/walk intervals and had not trained prior to the race.

June 24: Concord Classic 10K [Concord, NH] 59:28 **PR

October 8: Chicago Marathon



March 26: Eastern States 20 Mile (as a training run) [Kittery, ME] 3:20:33 **PR

May 1: Providence Half Marathon [Providence, RI] 2:07:33 **PR

May 15: Maine Coast Marathon [Kennebunk, ME] 4:42:24 **PR {1st Marathon}

September 17: Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day 5K [Manchester, NH] 26:53

November 24: Fisher Cats Thanksgiving 5K [Manchester, NH] 26:22


March 29: Eastern States 20 Mile [Kittery, ME] 3:54:19 

April 12: Nashua Soup Kitchen 10K [Nashua, NH] 1:00:33

May 9: Maine Coast Half Marathon [Biddeford, ME] 2:08:45 **PR

May 21: Merrimack County Rock ‘N Race 5K [Concord, NH] {Walking this one with the family for fun}

May 24: Runners Alley/Redhook 5K [Portsmouth, NH] 28:17

July 11: Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon [Portland, ME] 2:19:22

July 25: Boot Scootin’ Boogie 5K [Londonderry, NH] 26:45

August 29: Boston Spartan Sprint [Barre, MA] DNS

November 15: RnR Las Vegas Half Marathon [Las Vegas, NV] 2:12:28

November 26: Fisher Cats Turkey Trot 5K **PR 26:10

December 6: No Snowman Relay (MRTT private relay) **PB 6.3 miles 56:03 [Unofficial Race]


May 10: Big Lake Half Marathon [Alton, NH] 2:23:50 1st Half Marathon

May 15: Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock ‘N Race 5K [Concord, NH] 29:41 {1016/2897; Top 27.4% in division; 24.7% gender, 35.2% state 998/2838}

May 25: Redbook Brewery 5K [Portsmouth, NH] **PR 29:40 {173/383 in division}

August 9: Boston Spartan Sprint [Amesbury, MA] 3:05:00 (Team Avg)

September 27: Zooma Cape Cod Half Marathon [Falmouth, MA] 2:15:54 {274/531; 263/515 in gender; 55/94 in division} **PR

October 26: CHaD HERO Half Marathon [Hanover, NH] 2:17:51 {591/785; Top 75.3%; 69.5% in division; 69.9% gender; 74.9% state 355/474}

November 15: Northeast Delta Dental Frank Donovan Memorial 5K [Concord, NH] 30:15 (ran with friends, one of whom was running first 5K ever)


May 16: Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock ‘N Race 5K [Concord, NH] 32:14

August 8: 21st Annual Cigna/Elliot Corporate 5K [Manchester, NH] 31:41

September 29: Convenient MD 10K [Windham, NH] 1:01:51


October 27: Witch Way to the 5K [Bedford, NH] 38:10 posted results (Actually crossed the line in 37:58) 1st race ever, started running August 2012

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