It’s Official! Goal 5 Is On!

Today is the day all 2018 Chicago Marathon non-guaranteed applicants are notified as to whether or not they’ve been accepted. Needless to say, I was a bit excited last night upon trying to fall asleep. This is my Goal 5 for 2018 per my previous post. Last year, I received an email in the wee-early […]

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Letting go of marathoning

I ran everywhere as a young child prior to schooling…and was always told “Katherine, stop running!” Eventually, I did just that. After repeatedly being reprimanded and placed into ‘Time Out’ for doing what I naturally wanted to do, I stopped running.  I stopped everything else for the most part too, activity based. In elementary school […]

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Week 15 Chicago Marathon Training

On a deeper note, life’s ripples are beginning to weaken. There is still much change ahead, yet the waves of disorder are waning. With this enlightenment I am finding stable ground to root myself in again… The past couple of weeks have provided some cooler temps, which made for wonderful running (especially on LSD days). […]

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