Week 7 Chicago Marathon Training: Embrace the Tough Runs

Oh summer running. You make me question why I love running, especially when every breath feels like inhaling soup. Humidity. Sucks. Mostly the runs have been good, just tough breathing wise. The pace has been steadily slow and even then the effort seemed tough and had to slow down even more to allow “recovery” aka catching my GD breath.

Week 7, Day 1 RECOVERY RUN

3.29 miles, trail run, 10:33 pace 34:51. An afternoon run, which means it was crazy hot out and shade was the determinate for this run. Drove to a nearby trail and appreciated the coolness of the gravel vs. the radiant heat of pavement. Also, the shade was a reprieve from the sizzle.

Followed by a 45 strength training session (outside) sweating it out.

Week 7, Day 2 Rest

A track workout should have happened today…but like I said “should”. Opted to rest today instead. This week my schedule is off and well so is my body. Being a woman, I can track when my “shit” week will be energy wise and ta-da, that is this week. My body is in sloth mode and will probably kick back into gear in a couple of days.

Opted to walk today, 2 miles.

Week 7 Day 3 Rest

Again, nothing today. Yes, and I really don’t feel bad about it.

Week 7, Day 4 5 Miles

Christ! This run was so slow and it got done. 10:45 pace, 54:15 64* and 94% humidity.  I went nice and slow since my body is still sluggish. HR was avg 147bpm which is a nice recovery pace for me (although I didn’t need recovery). I just keep telling myself the fall running will be spectacular after all this.

Strength trained.

Week 7, Day 5 Rest

Strength training since I didn’t get out for a run. Hot and planned to cycle. Finally got home from work and decided I’d rather have fam time since they just arrived home from a trip. No guilt.

Week 7, Day 6 5 Miles

Woohoo. Did it. Worked 7-8am, got home, changed clothes and met my BRF to bang out some miles. The temps were kind of  cooler and still humid. Humid is pretty much the jam til the end of August.

10:28 pace, 52:57 forced the pace slower today to have it not be a struggle fest as tomorrow is LSD day and my BRF and I are traveling to the ocean to get a coastal run in for some sea breeze and cooler temps. Oh and hello, change of scenery! Nothing makes a hot run better than seeing some gorgeous sights.

Week 7, Day 7 LSD

12.09 miles along the seacoast again.  10:40 pace (included a couple walk breaks for drinking/fueling). The weather was supreme-o. My right quad…not so much. twingy (can’t think of any way to describe it). Every few steps my quad would “twinge” and I would have a momentary millisecond of weakness. A very mild buckle of weakness and it would pass. Not awfully painful by any means, more of a twinge and then post run ache. It didn’t get any worse (or any better) during the run. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Finding my grit for sure.

Summer running is definitely requiring me to get #ToughAF. I always run through the summer, just less times a week, not speed work, and definitely NOT long runs. However, I am proud of myself for getting it done and keeping the consistency knowing it is so much harder for me than winter running. Although, it’s much more pleasant to only wear a tank and shorts vs. a bunch of layers, hats, gloves, headlamp, and so-on. I guess there’s a price to pay in the peak of either season.





Week 5 Chicago Marathon Training: Surviving the climb

“The quality of your breath will tell you exactly what you need to know about your interior state.” ~Erin Taylor, Founder of JASYOGA

Continuing on my vacation which started ending Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training I felt like the added rest I was going to get would equal me having killer runs in Week 6 coming up. Well, if that’s the case, it comes at the sacrafice of a super sucky Week 5.


I could have run today but time was spent with the family doing family things when they need to come 1st and take advantage of the moment and make amazing memories together. So, today REST happened. Without guilt.


Today, I wanted the family time. I wanted to be active. And we decided an adventure to hike would be a fun thing we could all do together. Plus–I love hiking. So we ventured to Mt. Magalloway! And didn’t see an ounce of wildlife. Tsk tsk.

Mt. Magalloway Summit


Ok, my body is enjoying the “rest” day traveling home from vaca followed by having to work within hours of our return.

ST consisted of me instructing classes. Whew.


Oh my goodness. My hamstrings are sore from hiking and probably ST too. The thought of not running strongly went through my mind, but this marathon will not run itself. A summer afternoon run it was. It was humid. No surprise. The surprise was the lactic acid in my stomach during this run that left me wanting to vomit. Such a struggle today. But done.

And…I had to instruct a kettlebell class following. Lucky me. But done.


Still sore. Still a hard run. Body is ready for rest. Pulled 5.05 10:40 average miles out of my ass. I score this run a 2 out of 10 for, with 10 being an outstanding happy run. Nuf said.


My legs will not take any more. Nice epsom salt bath, soaking and stretching. Foam rolling. A true recovery rest day. These hamstrings need it. By bedtime, my legs felt 80% better.


I am thankful. Thankful today is 8 miles and not 18. It is hot and humid. Body is feeling better but still just sluggish in this weather. 11:07 average with walking in there from time to time averaged in. Without walking, this run would not have been completed. Walking gave me just enough recovery to push through for a chunk. Ended up getting 8.47 miles.

The week of miles has made me hungry for a really good run. You know, the run where you feel tall, light and there’s a spring in your step? I think I’ll be waiting until the humidity breaks. My hamstrings were sore this week, beyond the typical 48 hours…which means I should have regressed even more at work and rested more to allow the recovery. Thankfully by end-of-week they were back on track. I’m glad I listened to my body, which was basically shouting at me, to rest on day 6. Mileage was a bit lower this week having hiked of running, but clearly my muscles responded to the change. Ouch. Sometimes when the going gets tough, you have to remember, the view is worth it at the top. Much like training. The training is the hard work. The race it the summit and you’re working for the view.

Focusing on my goal. Keep on keeping on.